FREE Kindergarten Name Writing Practice

We know that Kindergarten Name Writing Practice is so important! Such a foundational element to beginning writing skills. Even in preschool this skill is taught and focused on. I’m here with the EASIEST way to practice and implement name writing practice in prek and kindergarten!

Checking in for a quick and simple idea that was inspired by Smedley’s Kindergarten Journals. I wanted a way for my incoming kinders to practice their names as it is a very important concept that needs to be learned and practiced from the start. We have pockets on our chairs that these fit so nicely in.

On the front side, we have an individualized name practice sheet. I made the sheets from this site using Print Clearly (dashed) font.  I slid them in the front of a sheet protector.  I practiced with dry erase markers to make sure they worked  and it worked GREAT! I plan on the students that need to, to begin by tracing their names.  

I love skinny dry erase markers especially for young ones like preschool and kindergarten because their grip can actually work with instead of against them when using the little big bigger markers. I love these specific markers because the erasers are attached and don’t come off easily. I’m all for Kleenex or pom pom ball attached but for little ones the easier the better!

Once they have mastered that, there is plenty of room on the line to write it themselves while still referring to the dashed lines if necessary.
On the back we just have some more practice that can be used daily with no prep.  Students that have mastered writing their names, can move on to the date which will be on the board.  They will have to copy it down.  The dark black line on the bottom can be used for their sentence writing.  I plan on having a few share before we move on, once students get to that level.  
So to sum it up: 
1.  Tracing their name
2. Start writing their name on their own
3. Write name completely on their own on the back
4. Start writing the date.
5.  Write a sentence, draw a picture
6. Move onto labeling a picture

To extend the writing abilities – check out this UBER POPULAR post about Kindergarten Writing Center to grab even more FREE resources and help build those writing skills up!

That will be my progression for the year! My favorite part of the ENTIRE project is that it has NO PREP whatsoever! You can walk around and manage students and never have to write or copy but students are still learning their names, letters, how to write a date, and then beginning sentences so it works for the whole year.    Go check out Greg’s link from above, I love his take and just tweaked it for my room.  I can’t wait to use these all throughout the year!

For more great ideas about Kindergarten Word work :



  1. Vicki Martinez on September 20, 2015 at 2:01 pm

    This looks amazing! It is Sunday and I will be running up to my room after Church to be making changes right away! LOVE it. The link for the name page doesn't seem to be working. Do you have another site you are using now? THANKS!

    • Amber Ernst on May 14, 2019 at 7:37 pm


      Link is now updated – with even more improvements! Let me know if you plan to use the FREE kindergarten writing tool – it is so great to customize for ANY learners! Writing skills are so important!

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