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I’m a teacher that dislikes seasonal decor and that’s ok

Seasonal decor – let’s talk about it in the the teaching realm. I am firmly in the camp of NO seasonal decor whatsoever. That hasn’t changed since year 1. I wouldn’t say it’s a controversial topic per say but one that doesn’t get much light shed on it. This is my message to NEW and veteran teachers alike, seasonal decor is not necessary! I’m not knocking how good it looks, how rigorous it can be, but necessary ……no.

Seasonal/holiday decor is too much work

That was tough to type. Who wants to admit that?! There are so many pieces that weighed on my mind in the classroom that this made the bottom of the barrel.

Let me clarify I did do holiday projects occasionally. If it fit in and worked no problem. Holiday projects I viewed differently than outright decor. Boxes I had to retrieve from a “closet” or storage for the sole purpose of decorating for a season/holiday – HARD PASS!

Man, I remember teachers just going all out in elementary school (I’m not too old – that wasn’t that long ago) with so much hanging up but you have to PUT IT UP and TAKE IT DOWN – usually in the span of weeks!

When I have grading, planning, students, parents, forms, testing, + the 1 million daily teacher jobs ….this really got left to the wayside. I haven’t ever really felt any guilt because students don’t miss it! No one asks where it is, why it doesn’t feel Christmas-y/Halloween-y/fill in the blank holiday, so it doesn’t go up.

Seasonal/holiday decor is not always appropriate

There is a HUGE shift in the education world to appropriate resources/lessons/activities/educational experiences for a multitude of reasons (not topic for today) but the bottom line is always….I don’t know everything.

As an educator, I don’t know exactly what each of my students and their families celebrate and what they have been or would choose to be exposed to. This is a great conversation to have with parents and families but with new students and so little time to do so it might not always be apparent.

For example, we do not celebrate Christmas with Santa in our house (while I’m on my soapbox…..) While it’s not a big deal to me as a parent if my children see Santa, do I want it displayed all over their classroom for a month, watching movies or doing projects like writing lists to Santa….well, no. I do my job as a parent advocate to the extent that I feel comfortable with but completely understand the role of teachers and how schools work.

Assuming is rarely ever safe and staying away from any decor aspect of holidays also saved some trouble on this front!

Sidenote: many historical aspects of holidays can be great for learning – here is just talking specifically about decor not related to learning!

Holiday Decor Money is better spent elsewhere

Instead of buying decor that can only be used for a specific time, spend money on decor that can be used all year or specific resources (like books!) that can be used over and over again.

This would just apply to personal purchases as I’m not sure how many districts would fund holiday decor as purchase orders…although I’ve worked in a district where every room had a tree for Christmas….

I’m a teacher who hates seasonal decor (personally) and that’s OK!


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