8 crazy uses for Disney+ in your classroom

We’ve heard about it ALL YEAR – Disney+ coming to almost every house near you as a streaming service. As the most Google-d word of the year, Disney+ certainly is popular!

As excited as I am for the options at home, this presents AMAZING content that could be used for learning with students as well. Check out all the options you have for tying this to content for your classroom!

Make sure to keep reading for LOTS of links to FREE resources to accompany your favorite films.

Short Movie, Big Impact- Pixar Shorts

First, Shorts are perfect because of their length! Short versions with quick plot points can teach SO MUCH!

Excellent for teaching MANY reading strategies and having them right at your fingertips!

  • plot
  • compare/contrast
  • theme
  • sequencing
  • main idea
  • summarizing + more

Pair some FREE graphic organizers with Pixar Shorts and you have an introduction, quick formative assessment or center idea!

These Shorts can be used for ANY grade level! Here is a great resource pairing for secondary and even Middle School!

National Geographic …. the best resource library you didn’t know about!

This is a NO-brainer! National Geographic has been a leader for so long with all things EARTH! So many of the videos can be connected to many of the Next Generation Science Standards!

With supreme Scientists videos, animal migrations and films of Earth. You can find something for EVERY science standard!

I love how great these would pair with sub plans for teachers. Did you know that National Geographic has an entire resource library?! Great lessons you can filter by grades, topic, or content! Take your science or critical thinking instruction up a notch!

Disney+ as Sub Plans

It might be controversial but substitute plans are the bane of teacher existence! No one wants to make them and they are A TON of work when you or a family member is ill. Use the video library to extend learning – from comprehension strategies to or easily plug science content into National Geographic. Help you help yourself!

Classroom Rewards made easy with Disney Plus

Whether it’s a special behavior reward, class goal, holiday or event with TONS of great kid-approved content at your fingertips this would be a great last minute idea or student chosen reward.

Use the whole Disney library as a way to engage students in an upcoming celebration.

Disney+ Elapsed Time

Use the running time of Disney Plus films to create elapsed time word problems. Have students create and share with others!

Disney Plus Timeline

Create a timeline of when your Top 10 movies were made. Students can make a 5 question quiz about their own timeline and exchange.

Disney+ Graphing

Choose movies or shorts that students want to watch. Graph interest for each one multiple ways (bar graphs, pictographs, etc…) and then watch trailer for the winner.

Make sure to keep reading to grab THESE great printables to leave for a sub, use in your own classroom or adding to your lessons!

Books, Movies, and Themes

Many of the familiar tales students know are also books which makes Disney books and Disney+ perfect for classroom teachers to use as comparisons.

Reading a narrative version and then comparing and contrasting with the film are necessary skills even noted in state standards! FREE graphic organizers help students or teachers organize thoughts about putting the information together.

Bonus Disney Plus Teaching Ideas:

  • Disney Karaoke – the songs make the movies!
  • Character Development – many of the classics have great points for students to track over a film.
  • Theme/Emotion – Many Disney movies (hello, Inside Out!) have heartfelt themes that are easy to pick up on! Use that to launch a discussion in your classroom and connect to books you read!
  • Change over time – style of animations, content….explore then and now in Disney Films with students.

Disney is SO magical and bringing it to your classroom and leveraging all the content for learning with students is even more brilliant! Use this great resource to AMP up learning!

**Note** Consult and check with your district if showing in a formal classroom for copyright violations.

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