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Quotation Marks (Dialogue) – Talking Animals Practice

By Amber Ernst / November 7, 2019 /

Are your students ready for a hilarious way to practice quotation marks (dialogue)?! My students need grammar practice with this tough concept to remember when and where to add quotation marks. This is a great introduction or reinforcement activity for quotation marks/dialogue.

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Quotation Marks in the Wild – Quotation Mark Practice (Dialogue)

By Amber Ernst / October 11, 2015 /

  Quotation mark practice along with dialogue is such a fun concept to teach! Last year I shared some of our favorite ways to introduce and practice using quotation marks and dialogue and in our writing along with editing.   You can find that post – here. Today, I have a new idea to add…

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Vampire didn’t attack Taylor Swift because she had Bad Blood – Jokes to introduce punctuating dialogue

By Amber Ernst / September 29, 2019 /

Punctuating dialogue you must use – Jokes! This has to be one of my favorite tricks to pull out of my sleeve! Jokes lend themselves so well to dialogue for a couple of reasons: they are short! Long intimidating paragraphs of dialogue look SCARY! Jokes are funny. Students laughing and learning = success! Jokes for…

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Poultry Parts of Speech

By Amber Ernst / November 9, 2016 /

If you love making grammar fun and hilarious just like the Talking Animals activity – this is FOR YOU! Check out this fun way to make grammar (especially around holiday time) such a funny time in your classroom. Great practice and easy to put together! View this post on Instagram ? Poultry Parts of Speech…

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How to Introduce Dialogue

By Amber Ernst / October 22, 2014 /

Here’s the lowdown on how to introduce dialogue in an easy peasy way for students! So embarking on this new grade, I didn’t imagine quite fully all the new material I would be teaching.  Dialogue in writing and how to punctuate it – certainly wasn’t something I was expecting.       I found these…

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No More Boring Seatwork – Spice It Up with Student Choice

By Amber Ernst / January 21, 2015 /

 It’s a dreaded battle….seatwork… Students aren’t itching for it, honestly I don’t like to give it unless necessary. Seatwork alternative do exist.  Most seatwork is used to practice or eventually assess a skill that we have been working on.  Introducing a concept I like to do an activity, use short clips, or some way to…

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Ordering Adjective Activities!

By Amber Ernst / January 20, 2015 /

Looking at the new CCSS standards, I realized that teaching the correct order of adjectives was in the 4th grade curriculum as a language standard.  Mostly this seems to be pretty common sense but can be a little tricky when more than 2 adjectives are involved.  I created some great HILARIOUS resources to help with…

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