4 Types of Sentences

I realized I hardly ever blog about grammar.  Hmmm…guess in reality its not my strongest point either but I had to share this idea we worked on the other week! I reviewed the 4 types of Sentences with my students in 4th grade and surprisingly these were new concepts for them.  We dove in and talked about the different types along with practice, practice, practice.  We focused on what punctuation would be important for each as well.

Besides introduction, modeling, and guided practice, I wanted a way that my students could show off their knowledge in a FUN way.  Fun and grammar in the same sentence….am I crazy? Well check out:

You want a fun quick assessment – this is it!  I love that it literally works for a variety of grades!
Here’s the premise: “You lost your pet and need to created a Wanted Ad to post to get him back.  Use the 4 types of sentences in your ad and create an eye-catching picture to accompany your ad.”
I let my students even use imaginary animals (after all…I was grading just their grammar)…so we had wanted ads for Unicorns, Robo-dogs, and some regular pets as well.  They had such a good time flexing their creative muscles while working on grammar.  I gave points for the 4 types of sentences and punctuation plus it made a great and engaging hallway display!
If you are interested in doing this in your room: click the pics for more info: 
– 6 differentiated templates
bulletin board letters
posters for 4 types of sentences
sample/example to show students.


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