I’m Amber, a Missouri native and former elementary teacher. I now work for our State Dept. of Ed (read about it here) I have subbed in every grade and taught Kindergarten and 4th! My two passions are ELA and science!

I love creating for my two young boys as well so you’ll see some younger activities. I do love to incorporate technology into my lessons and get students moving through learning as well.

I’m so happy you are here! Make sure to START HERE and find some great resources or tips to try in your classroom! You can use the mail icon or reach me at newteacherniche@gmail.com

I also have a penchant for creating for teachers and giving back to those who give EVERY SINGLE day for students! Here are some of my favorite FREE ways to make a teacher smile!!

I’m certainly little more than rainbow obsessed and love to quilt and read if I get any free time. I’m so glad you’re here. Hopefully you leave with a little inspiration and end up making the world brighter through education and ultimately the lives of students.