We eat IRON?!

We eat IRON?!

My students loved this experiment and it could be used for a variety of principles.  We used it while talking about separating mixtures using magnetism.

It could easily be tied to elements,  compounds,  mixtures and solutions (and separating them) or even digesting food and how the body needs and processes iron!

We had some great printables I used – found here.

The video was how I introduced the experiment – more for the procedure aspect so they knew how to swirl properly.

We tried different cereals we brought in and made hypothesis based on the amount of iron listed on the box.  Obviously iron fortified cereals work well but shredded wheat was our #1 so it was pretty interesting.

Here are some of the cereals we tried:

After adding the water – here’s what it looked like.  We talked about why the water was needed and what it helped the mixture do. 
Trying to find Iron!  Using magnet wands!
They loved this part – we were only able to find iron in certain cereals that had 50% more of daily iron intake but still a great lesson and fun to use cereals we had!
It is SO HARD to see but scroll down to see one of our best pictures!  Even though we didn’t find a ton it was clearly iron and following the magnet- from our cereal!!
I love how the papers we used (linked earlier) had a great explanation of how and why our body uses iron!  this was a really fun learning experience that my students got a lot out of!


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