The SECRET Slime Ingredient You’ve Never Heard Of

Slime is ALL. THE . RAGE and rightfully so – I mean even as an adult I love getting my hands dirty and coming up with all kinds of combinations! Most recently on a day off I worked up some magic with my own children and dove deep into the science behind slime with my oldest. I’m here to share our SECRET ingredient (keep reading!) that I have never seen any other place!

If you are inclined to making your fun a little educational you should check out this slime science guide! It gets into some AWESOME ways to connect slime and science with glow in the dark, magnetic and more!

First up you can see I made my Elsa Snot (I have all boys!) as I call it! I used Blue Glitter Glue, extra glitter, and large glitter flakes. I always use clear glue in my slime because I love glitter and like how you can see so much more!

While learning all about the science, with the littlest learners is easy to start initially with senses. How does this smell? feel? look? hear (popping?). Giving them choice in what they create is powerful!

The next two slimes contained our secret ingredient!!!! I call this one Molten Galaxy slime and the one below the Dark Side of Pink.

We worked on our own DIY slime: recording what went in, how it felt sense-wise, and following directions. The following directions piece can be SO TOUGH for even elementary. With different slimes certain pieces had to be combined in a certain way and that is truly a test of reading thoroughly.

This pink slime contained lots of glitter!

We did add some glitter flakes to our Molten Galaxy slime. I love how it looks like lava with the different colors coming out!

Now time for our secret ingredient – Chameleon Powder! Now shhhhh…..this is really for making nail polish I guess but is THE best when it comes to fun slime additions!

The slime on the left is really the Dark Side of Pink (you get the name now!) and it changes in the light just by moving it around!

Here is the exact links I used to get our powder. Now these are tiny amounts but really could make about 5 slime piles. ( I fully realize piles is not scientific) Measurement could be another way to explore slime!

If you want to see any of the awesome NAIL POWDER add-ins – check them out by clicking: chameleon nail powder. I’ve only added 5 more to my cart since yesterday – the sheen, sparkle, iridescence that they show really give a special vibe to the slime.

If you want to see more about Glow Slime, Magnetic Slime, Color Changing Slime and the science behind it – check out this!


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The SECRET Slime Ingredient You’ve Never Heard Of

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