Your secret guide to Amazon Prime Day for Teachers or Educators

The Prime Day guide for teachers! If you want to see any other great ideas for supplies check out my Amazon storefront. Affiliate links are included at no cost to you – I do get a small commission on items purchased from links. All opinions are my own. I’m here to help you get the best deals all year on some great supplies!

If you are NOT part of the Amazon Teacher Deals Facebook group you are MISSING OUT! We share deals year round and focus on discussion on QUALITY so you know that it is approved for your classroom!

You know it’s going to be a good year when they already have TONS of deals at the Amazon Back to School Store! To bet honest – not all of these are just *prime* deals but are just on sale at the moment.

**TIP** If you have not downloaded the FREE Amazon App – just for downloading it you get $10 and another $10 for your first in-app order = $20 right there!

Classroom Technology:

Powerful New Kids Echo Dot (Amazon). New post later this month with all the cool new features – especially great for classroom use!

These are 30% OFF!! and regular Echo Dots are over 50% OFF!

Love these as tech options with all they have to offer! The sturdy case is ideal for elementary!

This is an AMAZING deal for a Green Screen! Perfect for videos and editing in the classroom!

Snap Circuits are 35% off! These are one of the BEST STEM toys you can get! I love the versatility and durability. They last WAY longer than many I have had in the past. You can check out how they were part of my 10 Circuit Centers!
Laminator awesomeness! Great for all your classroom needs and under 18 bucks!

Another must have for circuits! Makey Makey ($20 off!) is so great for upper elementary and middle school students to explore!


Visual timers are are must have for any classroom! Man the benefits of such a small tool that is often overlooked are many! Great for centers (reminding myself), transitioning for any age students and learning time management. A need to have for sure!

School Supply Deals:

Flairs over 50% off!

Great Deal on Expo Markers – always smart to have a fresh pack for the new year!

Purple glue was over $3 cheaper than clear for the same 30 pack – SUPER CHEAP!

Super highlighters because of double side they are great for small groups, note taking, and comprehension focus!

Gorgeous Shiplap bulletin board paper. So great to put up on bulletin boards and tough to find this color!

Don’t miss these! I love how these Expo Ink Indicators shows the level of ink left – so perfect for the classroom!

60% OFF Post Its as an add on item! Love these and need more each year!

A pencil sharpener that lasts all year – count me in! This one is heavy duty!

50% off Laminating Pouches – love this brand although I have found others that work!

Classroom Organization/Furniture:

50% right now and super sturdy! great deal for pack of 12!

Coupon applied at checkout for the Balance Ball – great for flexible seating

Gotta watch these rainbow caddies! They are not with Prime shipping but if you can grab them under $30 still a good deal.

Great for task card storage! easy to organize with the rainbow colors!
such cool hanging file folder – I love labels for these and that it comes with hooks for over the door!

All the Extras:

SQUEAL! Sequin backpacks are the coolest. Might not be a necessity…but they have so many choices!!

Classroom Doorbells – perfect for transitions, directions, holiday songs, start and stop! Great deal for PRIME!

Lunch box comes with it! How cute to carry all the materials we have anyway! Great for teacher or students!

While again maybe not a necessity – This rose gold microphone is great for fluency, content songs in the classroom and more! Extra 10 or 20% off coupon to clip as well!


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