Building Classroom Community and Relationships through Positive Talk, Vocabulary and Compliments

The beginning of the year is the BEST time to build classroom community through relationships. Do not let that discourage you as it can happen any time of the year!

Here are my top ideas for establishing classroom community at any time in your school year!

1. Genuine Compliments build community

Teach kids…..heck show it yourself and teach staff the foundation of honest compliments. They are not hard to find, build trust in others, and see the world through a positive lens!

Seeing (really SEEING) a person for their positive traits is so vital and makes you appreciate them as a part of your world (class) even more!

I have a couple great resources that I love to use for this. They show students how easy it can be and help generate ideas when you might not have any!

These Compliment Cards are perfect for students & staff! They help build vocabulary, social skills, are easy to print and even fit in those Target pouches! Here are some other great Positive Notes that even have a FREE Staff to Staff version!

**TIP** Write the student name on the card – even if you don’t get to write more than that – go back later and add to it making sure that everyone in class gets one or they get sent home (or shared with parents!)

2. Classroom Community through Art

There are probably 1000+ ways to establish community through art but here is one that we did in class and I loved!

Briefly, the class chose a word together and we incorporated all of our favorite colors into our artwork and painted this together to hang. As everyone was a part of it – it showed great importance.

We had this as a large reward for who kept at the end of the year!

3. Building Classroom Community the First Day

Read here all about an activity to make your first day a success in your classroom!

This doesn’t just apply to your first day though. This would make a great rebuilding point for students after a rough incident, a new student comes, New Year (in January), or something along those lines!

This activity continued to be a favorite and showed that as a team, we work together and establishing that on day 1 set the tone for our whole year!

I hope you got some great ideas on how to build relationship easily and even repair after they start. These would work in any classroom. Knowing and seeing your students is so important to help grow through the year!


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