Easy DIY Beautiful Kid Ornament ideas – Just in Time for Holidays

Looking for great EASY DIY low prep kid ornaments for home or the classroom?! You’ve come to the right spot! Check out these ideas for inspiration or a great class project with very little supplies!

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Salt Dough Kid Ornaments

Salt dough is one of the EASIEST and most fun ornaments. 4 cups flour + 1 cup salt + 1.5 cups water and cook at 200 for 1.5-2 hours. One batch made plenty for a whole class (I’d say at least 30 average size ornaments, so even a half batch might be better!)

Great to have mixed ahead of time and let student shape! Sweet talk the cooks at your school to bake for you as well and then pick them up to paint, decorate!

You can imprint the ornaments. Use handprints (great for younger kids!) and really make these your own!

Simple shapes and cookie cutters work best for getting more “exact” ornaments. *remember – poke holes with a straw for hanging!*

You can get Air Dry Clay for ornaments if you don’t want to mix. Oil Based Markers or Permanent markers would be easy to decorate with and keep for years to come! Seal with a clear sealing spray to help them last as well!

Sticker Ornaments Keepsake

This still hangs on my tree from when I was in 2nd grade! I have loved and treasured this one for years!

  • Baby food jar lid / Mason jar top insert (would work too!)
  • beads
  • stickers (check out the variety and choose a couple packs for your students to pick from!) OR class pictures!
  • glitter (white/clear works best)

Yes – IT’s that easy! This one would be perfect to put students pictures in from school and add beads with hot glue.

All the more reason you need a CORDLESS glue gun in your classroom….just saying! This has saved me on so many occasions! (hello – cinder block walls!)

Cinnamon Dough Kid Ornaments

These are so near and dear to my heart! I’ve had the same ornament for 24 years and counting! They smell good. This one was made in a Parents as Teachers class from before kindergarten and it just sparks SO. MUCH. JoY!

I love making these with my own children and students because of how much I treasure them and on the flip side, I see how truly easy they are to make!

Here’s a recipe I love and ingredients are simple (cinnamon – I recommend buying bulk/larger size- and applesauce!)

The cooking process is similar to salt dough and could be done at school/home. Easy to cut with cutters or design your own and can paint them as well. These are a staple and ones I like to leave just as is – plus they SMELL so good!

Reindeer Handprint Ornaments for Kids

My class made these my first year teaching but would be great for grandparents or parents alike.

Here is the link to the FREE tag to with them as well! Only took a day or two to put together and well worth the memento for the families!


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  1. Jayne @ Sticky Mud and Belly Laughs on December 1, 2019 at 6:11 pm

    What lovely ideas for DIY decorations. We’ve made quite a few salt dough crafts over the years.
    Thanks so much for sharing with #MMBC.

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