6 feet apart not in heart – Social Distance classroom setup ideas, hacks, and supplies!

While a social distancing classroom might look bare (no carpets…..fun things…..strict sanitizing measures) take heart in knowing it’s YOU that makes a classroom!

You are the heart of the classroom and I’m here to show you some social distance classroom ideas to make the transition easier, get your creative wheels turning, or just wrap your mind around how to best serve your students.

So if you back in person full time with social distancing measures for your classroom or hybrid and returning to school after virtual – these class social distancing ideas and supplies will get your mind thinking about how to best meet guidelines.

Since you know what all you need for a classroom at home or remote teaching ideas or you can read that here let’s dive into what happens in the social distance classroom when you return:

What does a social distancing classroom look like?

Loaded question…I know!

It should go without saying that I 100% do not feel teachers should be purchasing on their own dime, BUT if you have funds or suggestions that can be brought to others. Here are ideas to make you feel safe and workarounds to use to help meet social distancing measures in your classroom.

For pictures of some ways to social distance space desks check out this article!

You must check out some way to make mask wearing part of your daily classroom. These fun chants and other FREE songs, activities and more can help your students with this concept.

What are some social distance classroom ideas?

Marking where students sit or line up is important to keep students social distancing.

These sit spots are great to desk or line markers as they stay put but can be washed!

This Automatic pencil sharpener should be in every COVID classroom if you are in person!

No touching involved! Set pencil on top and it ejects when done – no buttons, pressing, spinning, easy to charge by USB!

Breakaway lanyards are essential for keeping track of masks. for young learners in a social distance classroom they can clip their mask on, but no fear or choking with the breakaway type.

Clear shower curtain liners are a great way to break up space and still see everything in the classroom.

Easy to hang and lightweight make them an option for many classrooms and spaces.

LIFESAVER That’s what these mask brackets are! Speaking clearly is so important for little learners so in a social distance classroom these can be so helpful.

Watch ship dates – many are late because of the popularity

Personal Whiteboards are a MUST! These were recommended by so many to do work at home for distance learning or in the classroom.

Easy to transport either way!

Dividers seem ominous but there are ways to avoid!

Transform these into “Jeeps” for each student by adding easy decoration.

Cut a window in front for Plexiglass – easy and much more visible.

For carrying food (hello in room lunch or breakfast), art supplies, work spaces….these trays are actually a cheap elementary social distance classroom necessity.

I really like this social distance classroom idea!

Post COVID social distancing classroom hack!

Instead of touching all the screens – each student has a stylus they use. Fun colors make it even better!

Hands Free Hand Sanitizing Dispenser. Ratings don’t lie on this one – would be great to have this option in a post COVID classroom.

Over the door shoe organizer is perfect for water bottles to keep separate!

Great to save space and wipe down in a social distance classroom setup.

Label this drawer cart.

Students take their assigned work to their seat- voila easy individual way to get and keep track of information in the social distancing classroom.

storing Individual Supplies in a social distance classroom

These stacking and locking boxes are perfect for younger learners and school supplies!

Store small items on top and larger notebooks and books on bottom. Great for hybrid school models as well and can easily be cleaned!

These teal crates are perfect to sit near desks for social distancing individual supply crates.

Use chair pockets or backpacks at student’s seat to hold all materials!

This keeps students social distancing and with materials if they stay in same classroom all day.

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