On the Hunt for distance learning morning meeting ideas and activities!

Taking a spin off the Virtual Morning Meeting post , let’s dive into another great

Morning Meeting, Icebreakers, Get to know you ideas for distance learning – got you covered!

Here’s a morning meeting idea for Zoom (modified for in person) but easy to use for 2021 that you can use virtually.

These virtual distance learning morning meeting idea for kindergarten all the way up through middle school and will get you excited to connect with students!

This HUGE list of my best morning meeting ideas work for virtual morning meetings as well!

What’s a good virtual morning meeting idea?

Morning meetings are a time to check with students and provide social emotional support.

Morning meetings (establishing them back to school) provide a time to purposefully build classroom community. This list has some great FREE ideas BUT keep scrolling for some unique ides to keep your students engaged!

I love using a Scavenger Hunt as a virtual morning meeting idea because it involves movement.

This version is great for Back to School (or works year round)

How to use a Scavenger Hunt as a Virtual Morning Meeting Activity?

Scavenger Hunts make a fun distance learning morning meeting option because it lets you connect with student (relationships always come first!), and get in some movement which is crucial for distance learning!

This virtual scavenger hunt bundle has the entire year covered! You can use these for distance learning the entire year!

Let’s take this Scavenger Hunt example: (from March but there is options for each month!)

This is a great virtual morning meeting game to get students thinking and engaged in relationship building from the start.

Students have a set amount of time (determined by the teacher) to find an item that matches the description for this distance learning morning meeting activity.

Ways to use this virtual morning meeting activity:

Scavenger hunts work best for virtual learning but can be adapted for in seat as well!

Here are some fun ways to use Scavenger Hunt morning meeting idea in your classroom (spoiler alert: doesn’t have to be in the morning!)

  • use one question a day so students are trained. Have a set time limit and decide how long students can share about their item.
  • Use the activity as a Fun Friday reward or class holiday game! Running all over their house and choosing objects. (**HINT** if you can’t find objects just draw one you would find, or pull up a picture!)
  • Use as a writing prompt and turn it into a list you can keep adding to.
  • use as a writing activity that your class can build on during the month.

If you want to SAVE even more time….there are monthly bundles so you have virtual morning meeting activities for EVERYDAY (and more!)


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