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LOOK – how to display student work all year the easy way

Displaying student work is a great routine to establish at the beginning of the year that can make your year go SO SMOOTH! (read about some other great routines to set Day 1) Choose great paper for student work display! I really like using 12×12 paper for this display. I can hang work but easily…

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Understand the new benefits Amazon Echo Dot

There is no doubt that the Echo Dot (Alexa) is becoming a larger and larger presence in today’s classrooms. Amazon released a new Kid’s Edition Echo Dot that might be a good solution for your classroom. Affiliate links contained in this post. Totally not here to debate the privacy/security concerns that some have with Alexa…

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iPad Intro – Back to School Activity Perfection

Solving your back to school activity problems! So you want something fun not too time consuming and will learn about students that will make a great display – got ya covered! This iPad Intro is perfect for upper elementary students….let me tell you why! 1. Time As a teacher time is huge! The beginning of…

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