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Posts by Amber Ernst

Amazon Christmas list for teachers

Make Teacher Gifts about them! I am a HUGE and I mean HUGE proponent of teacher happiness/well being! I try to know and spoil any teachers that my children have and even any teachers they don’t have – ones in their building or any that I know. ALL TEACHERS are compassionate and showing appreciation is…

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My favorite investment I made in my classroom

Hands down the best investment I ever made to my classroom was books!  I bet many of us would agree that the library is a cornerstone of the classroom.  Here is one of my first ones….boy did it grow!  The importance placed on books and reading is so high in our classrooms! I would spend…

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PLOT TWIST – Up Your Writing Prompt Game to the Extreme

Interactive writing prompts are here! Writing stamina can be such a struggle in the younger grades – really in all of elementary. Long writing projects have a place and create detailed work but sometimes students lack focus spending weeks on weeks working on their same one story and through the writing cycle. Breaking up long…

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