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Understand the new benefits Amazon Echo Dot

There is no doubt that the Echo Dot (Alexa) is becoming a larger and larger presence in today’s classrooms. Amazon released a new Kid’s Edition Echo Dot that might be a good solution for your classroom. Affiliate links contained in this post. Totally not here to debate the privacy/security concerns that some have with Alexa…

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Upper Elementary Literacy Block Schedule

My literacy block is a piece of work…not in a bad way ….just a work in progress.  I’ve been inspired by numerous other experience bloggers and teachers and since I’m the only 4th grade teacher at my school, I’d love some input and will try to clarify what I’m doing this year for your sake…

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Classroom Reveal 15 – 16

Well it’s that time of year again!  I’ve been putting my room together slowly and surely over the past few months.  Yes that slowly! I did have time to work since they cleaned before summer school and I got a chance to put my room back together then!  I get literally no budget in my…

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Erin Conden Giveaway

So I’m sure you know how much I love to be organized: to-do lists, stacks, calendars, and of course planners.  I’m in LOVE with Erin Condren….all the stuff is adorable.  Not just that though- so practical and cute and they have literally thought of everything! Its like a teacher/organizer/colorful person’s wonderland!  Truly….I could spend endless…

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To do….to do…..

Well if you are anything like me and have 86 million things going on right now you will definitely appreciate this post! I am very Type A, possibly the most Type A person I know, hopefully I’m not the worst though – I just have to stay organized or I feel like my life falls…

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So I have a slight obsession with Pinterest (and I’m sure I’m not the only one)!  Check out my button on the side or click here to follow my boards! One of the first awesome ideas I pinned for teaching was the hardware organizer turned supply “keeper.”  I loved it from the start.  First it…

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