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The Underestimated Post It – Your End of Year Sanity Saver

Frazzled…..excitement verging on anxiety…..bittersweet…..over it…….all could describe the end of the year! We love our students who we have nurtured all year long but a guilty longing for sweet summer combined with overwhelming exhaustion from testing, endless activities, field trips – ALL. AT. ONCE.

Enter the humble Post It Note.

Yeah I get your vibe – what good is that to me? Can it really spark life into my classroom right now (of all times)?! If you were anything like me at the end of the year- I’d get to a place where I wanted to see what my students know and I could push them to versus a straight new content approach with counting days the days left (aka the after testing window).

  • Engage students with a Game! I love this version of Connect 4 that can be used with ANY review materials and challenges students to work together and focuses on the method to the correct answer!
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If you are presently in test mode, and are looking for an easy-peasy way to get your students engaged, set them up with a “Four in a Row” game. Start by setting up your students into teams of no more than four and assign them a color (I handed them a sticky note pad with a unique color). Take ANY test prep material you have (task cards, worksheets, test prep booklet) and have each student answer the questions. Have them come to a consensus. Have the group leader come up and bring you their final answer. If it’s right, write a checkmark on it and they are free to add a sticky note to the board. If it’s wrong you have two options: 1. Take down one of their sticky notes ?, 2. Have them go back and find the correct answer. Once they get it right, make a checkmark on their paper, but do NOT allow them to place a sticky note on the board. They are now free to move on to the next question. These options keep them in check to find the correct answer and not just come up hoping to have found the correct answer. Once a group gets 4 in a row, have the captains come and take down their sticky notes and then move on to another round. That’s it! Quick set up, high engagement. ?????? I first discovered this idea of using it on a large board from @miss5th a couple of years back. I’m not sure if I’m implementing exactly how she did, but any variation you come up with is sure to get students excited about reviewing concepts. #setthestagetoengage #iteachtoo

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  • Pixel Art with Post Its. (perfect for using Super Sticky ones!)

How fun is this?! Use Post Its to create pictures. What a great tie in to coding/Pixel art and more! Post It even has some premade mascot templates for you – check it out~!

I know you are thinking – that would waste my precious Post Its and I see your pool of tears forming, but did you note their super sticky ones can totally be reused! Take them down and have a end of year compliment “snowball fight.” Graph the percent of colors used in the mascot. What else can you make with the same number/color represented? (Can anyone else see a Pacman ghost with a Merlin hat? Out of the eagle Post Its. Just me…..ok)

  • Reward Reveal with Post Its- Skyrocketing engagement one Post it at a time.

Love this idea from Head Over Heels for Teaching because you can put ANYTHING underneath! Customize it for your classroom, that one hour that’s the most trouble, or the one week that you just need a little something extra!

Printing on Post Its could not be easier – really! Just know which way your printer feeds and you are good to go! Here are some templates to make it easy!

I see you Post It – elevated to engaging classroom supply! Your bright color, stickiness, and easy to find self proves to be a staple for any classroom!

P.S. If you have any use for a Post It Donkey Holder, Glitter Post It dispenser, or water-resistant sticky notes – actually exist!

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