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Amazon Christmas list for teachers

Make Teacher Gifts about them! I am a HUGE and I mean HUGE proponent of teacher happiness/well being! I try to know and spoil any teachers that my children have and even any teachers they don’t have – ones in their building or any that I know. ALL TEACHERS are compassionate and showing appreciation is…

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The Underestimated Post It – Your End of Year Sanity Saver

Frazzled…..excitement verging on anxiety…..bittersweet…..over it…….all could describe the end of the year! We love our students who we have nurtured all year long but a guilty longing for sweet summer combined with overwhelming exhaustion from testing, endless activities, field trips – ALL. AT. ONCE. Enter the humble Post It Note. Yeah I get your vibe…

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HAPPY Morning Routine for Teachers – 5 Sanity Saving Tips

I’m such a morning person (I realize everybody just cringed there!) and even if you aren’t I wanted to share a little of my morning routine and how I get mentally prepared for the day ahead.  I feel like this time is taken for granted and can be really easily utilized. *note* I’m not overly…

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NO PREP Listening Center

So I’ve been seriously trying to think of a way to incorporate a listening center into my classroom and was coming up blank!! I spend way TOO much money on books but could not justify purchasing a listening device or way to listen to books with the headphones as well — then managing it??? I…

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Poetry Analysis

    HAVE YOU EVER….needed something and wished you had it right on hand?!   This resource is for you!  I’m telling you- I looked at the CCSS exemplar texts for poetry and knew I needed to kick my butt into gear to get my kids ready for some rigorous poetry but still have a…

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Makeover Madness

I’ve decided to take part in the crazy TPT Seller Challenge.  First up was makeover madness for an old product.   ugggghhhh I’ve been meaning to do this for SOOOO long luckily this was just the push I needed to get the job done. This was one of my first EVER PRODUCTS back in 2012…

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Letter to My Class 2015!

I wrote this post last year and I loved how I got to reflect on my class. As a teacher each class is different and we (the students and I) learn new things throughout the year.  I wanted to give you a chance to write to your class reflecting on your learning.  Just use the…

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