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Amazon Christmas list for teachers

Make Teacher Gifts about them!

I am a HUGE and I mean HUGE proponent of teacher happiness/well being! I try to know and spoil any teachers that my children have and even any teachers they don’t have – ones in their building or any that I know. ALL TEACHERS are compassionate and showing appreciation is a tiny way to give back to them.

I believe it is so important to make the gift to the teacher about them. This does not mean you have to know everything about them, but a gift for them (read: not the classroom!) to me shows their worth extending beyond the school day!

I’ll share my secret formula for teacher gifts and you can use it too!

This post does contain affiliate links at no cost to you!

Teacher Gift Guide

Personalized Note + Special Gift = SUCCESS!

A personalized note with specific details you note about your child’s progress, what you have seen them accomplish, how they feel about being in class, their relationship with the teacher….it goes A. LONG. WAY! These are so important!

I love to go a little further and include something just for them. At what other job does the worker get presents for their work?! I really can’t think of one! I love getting presents for my class, I do (!!!!!) but teaching is an identity but maybe not your teacher’s whole identity.

Trendy Teacher Gifts

Needing gifts for a young, perhaps trendy teacher?! Look no further! These gifts work for ANY GRADE or any subject! A little personality goes a long way – check out some of these to get inspiration for the teacher in your life!

Stand Up Calendar – (not dated!) perfect for weekly planning and Oh so cute to sit on a desk or even for their home!

Teacher Socks! Perfect for any subject – Social studies: Presidents, Science: molecules, math: formulas and so much more! Easy to customize and thoughtful!

This necklace I love because it doesn’t scream teacher with apple and all – I love the message and how it can work with ANYTHING!

Drool-worthy diamond metallic pens! How fun would these be to use and send the message of how awesome/inspiring and important a teacher is to you! (Swoon- may have to add them to my cart…)

Fun Tape Dispenser – whether it be sloth, unicorn, otter or old school “tape” these brighten up any home or classroom and can play to a teacher’s likes!

SWOON – This crossover bag is so trendy with tassel zippers and mixed print. For smaller items and on the go this could be paired with anything and is so versatile!

Techy Teacher Gifts

Does your teacher love tech items? Use technology frequently? Check out some of these gifts as ones they will LOVE to take their tech to the next step!

Metallic phone stand! so versatile and easily used anywhere!

Wireless ear buds. An essential for sports, running, working around the house – easily connects via Bluetooth. Great for music teachers too!

Bluetooth Kareoke Microphone! So easy to project directions, play music and more. This fits the dual home/school gift but shows the fun side of teaching!

Buddha board – may be low tech but painting with water and watching it disappear would be great for a home, calming corner, stress relief and more – SO MANY WAYS TO USE!

while Smart Outlets may not seem like the traditional gift – they can be used in many ways. Connected to a Smart device these would be great at home or classroom to turn off lights, set timers, run computers or more!

Portable chargers are so essential! They are easily available and can travel as well. I love that this one is so fast!

Stylus’ are such a perfect gift! Functional, cute, and more than enough to share between school and work!

Fun Teacher Gifts

Lighthearted gifts perfect to brighten any teacher’s day whether it be a holiday or not! Which one can you see for a teacher in your life?

A Neck Fan – might seem a little silly but for hot recess climates this would be ideal! Easy to charge (could be a student job!)

High Five Notepad! I love how it has options and would be so cute to go with a note and can be used in all aspects of life! I PUFFY Heart love all their stuff!

for a sporty teacher – these inspiring water bottles with time markers would be perfect! Easy to see lines, lots of colors, and showing

For an art-y teacher Teacher Coloring Book– great stress relief and humor. Perfect for sharing with others as well! I love the message it sends about relatability!

Personalized Teacher Gifts

Who doesn’t love a good personalized gift? These are perfect educators! Be sure to see all the ways to customize to make it the best fit!

Fun Personalized Stationery that can be used year after year!

Personalized Library Stamp – would be so great for any teacher! I know this is technically a classroom one but super useful and would be very appreciated!

Mousepad can be used at home and easy to personalize! I love the look of this one!

Teaching shirts that don’t scream …. teaching! One that can be worn out and not always to the classroom. I like not including a grade level in case the teacher would change at some point.

Don’t forget that ANY teacher loves school supplies. Check out this post to get insight into what pens may be the best to get …if you go that direction!

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  1. Teresa on November 7, 2019 at 5:50 pm

    Great list, thank you for sharing it with us at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned!

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