Best Gifts for your Students (holiday, Christmas, End of Year)

Because who has time to craft something remarkable in a lickety-split second or their crafty bone went by the wayside with the 1,000 other jobs/hats we wear…but want to show students how much we care at a special time.

This list was created for BUSY awesome teachers – to gain quick ideas for Gifts for students either for end of year student gifts, Christmas student gifts, student gifts to stock the prize table/VIP area and MORE!

I do make a small commission through Amazon links used.

1. Student Water Bottles

Water bottles are an easy way to customize a student gift. These are great for any time of the year! Attach student name with vinyl or a fun message!

2. Future is Bright – Summer is Cool Sunglasses Student Gift

Grab a pack of sunglasses for easy student gift! Attach a note about their “bright” future or how “cool” they are!

These sunglasses would be perfect for theme days at school – Surf Day, Field Days, or dress up days to show your class community.

3. Fun Stickers – Lockers, Water Bottles, Notebooks ++++

These stickers are perfect not only for the VSCO girl trend but for EVERYONE! I love the variety and ways they can be used – so fun to leave for students or let them pick out.

Great and easy way to customize their belongings in the classroom!

Mai Zi Stickers for Water Bottles 50 pcs Laptop Stickers Waterproof Stickers Pack Cute Aesthetics Stickers for Teens Girls (50 Pieces Blue)
Cute Cartoon Water Bottle Stickers, Girl VSCO Trendy Laptop Notebook Phone Computer Guitar Skateboard Luggage Vinyl Decal for Teen
super LOVE how adorable these are!!!
Great for even the males in your classroom – just the fun awesome gift!

4. Fun Pens

So yes these pens were all the rage years ago. I can tell you students of today love them just as much! They still love that they get ALL. THE. COLORS! They still love that IT’S A PEN! Some even have clips or other fun accessories and for a class pack it’s a real bargain as far as gifts go – that doubles as a useful school tool!

5. Individual Slime Kits

Love these end of year or holiday gifts for students since there is less mess than making it yourself. So perfect to make and play with in school then send home!

If you’ve been reading, you know I’m all about the slime!

6. Balloons (especially fun balloons)

Balloons (like EMOJI ones!) are such a great student gift. These would be especially fun to hand out with an Emoji Get to Know You Project! or with your EMOJI End of Year Awards!

So perfect to pair with EMOJI balloons!

7. Fun Erasers

Trust me even older students will LOVE how cute these are! Pair them with a fun note and it’s a perfect customized gift for students!

8. The “Good” Candy

Spring for the ones that they don’t just get any other time. I’m talking Pop Rocks, Fun Dip, Jolly Ranchers. A little sugar goes a long way especially if it’s a novel version that they might not get very often or EVER. Introduce a favorite from the past – easy and fun for everyone (you included!)

9. Personalized Whiteboards

Use a Cricut or Sharpies and personalize whiteboards for your students! Great to keep at school to practice but also take home later. I love how these come with markers and erasers too!

10. Coloring Books!

Use the pages and a pencil/marker/pen as a fun gift! Coloring Books (for big kids! are perfect as a student gift with tons of details but topics students are interested in.


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