iPad Intro – Back to School Activity Perfection

Solving your back to school activity problems! So you want something fun not too time consuming and will learn about students that will make a great display – got ya covered! This iPad Intro is perfect for upper elementary students….let me tell you why! 1. Time As a teacher time is huge! The beginning of…

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5 MUST HAVES for Open House (Back to School Night)

Are you ready for the perfect Open House (Back to School) Night?! I’m going to make it easy for you and outline the 5 Must Haves for any B2S night! 1. Forms It is essential to gather information at an Open House Back to School Night, but also to give it as well! I found…

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Just the Beginning…:)

So to start off, I just everyone to know more about the blog!  First I’m an student studying to be a teacher and will student teach in August (it’s so close!!!!), I substitute teach some right now and am learning A LOT from it, and I am also a discovery/science room teacher in the summer.…

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