What can you do with little tech…to greatly improve instruction?! Here are some ideas we used this year that you can rock with just 1 computer or iPad! 1.  TWITTER – now as an individual I hardly use twitter (gasp!) I’ve tried and tried and had no success with sticking with it BUT for Global…

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Upper Elementary Literacy Block Schedule

My literacy block is a piece of work…not in a bad way ….just a work in progress.  I’ve been inspired by numerous other experience bloggers and teachers and since I’m the only 4th grade teacher at my school, I’d love some input and will try to clarify what I’m doing this year for your sake…

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What’s New with You?!

I’m starting a short mini-series on some things I want to try during this school year.  Join me on this journey by following along – I’d love to hear what new things you are trying this year! The basic premise is student led projects that are decided by them.  Teaching students how to design and present…

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